Crystal-Encrusted Ridiculousness

Posted on March 19 2014

These shiny facets of cut glass could literally invade every part of your life.  Cribs, cars, toilets and telephones - nothing escapes bling-free.  Here's a rundown of our favorite examples of Swarovski crystals gone wild.


Sponge Bob iPhone case and it retails for around $200.  Imagine waking up to that every morning.


No need for reading material, just sit down and stare at your 200K bathtub.  Which brings us to...


On display at the Swarovski showroom in Tokyo, where admirers (such as this young lady) calculate how long it will take to save up enough Yen to make it happen.


Uggs with the Hong Kong skyline outlined in Swarovski flatbacks!  Three years ago, people line up for these.  Now, not so much.  $700.


Now these are some attractive doorknobs.  Looks like the crystal colors are golden shadow and smoked topaz.  They adorn the interior of what is truly a rockstar motor coach.


Dolce & Gabbana is facing stiff competition in the crystal ski mask business from other companies utterly detached from reality.  If half the stones are missing, you know she falls on her face a lot. 


One of 20 authentic sequined gloves from Michael Jackson's estate.


I instantly learn way too much about whoever is wearing this:  1) Yankees fan  2) Biker  3) Loves Sparkles



Add life to your otherwise drab work environment.  Also useful if you want to be known as "the girl with all the sparkly sh** on her desk."  Oddly, only available from the German


I see two problems here a) not comfortable  b) stones fall off with excessive use.  The perfect gift for the diva in your life who doesn't know how to use a computer.


This guy can only be thinking "I wish I had Michael Jackson's glove on right now."


Use the comments to add anything I've missed!  Someone has to keep track of these things.


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